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Knot Belt - Dust

$68 $98

A rolled belt with circular finished ends. Multiple tying variations are possible.  Vegetable tanned semi-aniline cowhide.

Ways to Wear: 

  • THUMB KNOT: Join the belt ends together, loop the belt around and through itself and pull to tighten knot while on the body.

  • SQUARE KNOT: Tie the ends right over left, then left over right and pull to tighten.

  • WOVEN: To create this effect, tie the belt once around your body and wrap the ends around the belt.

Materials: Vegetable tanned semi-aniline cowhide. 

Measurements: Size 1: 55" × 3/8"  Size 2: 74" x 3/8"

Story: Are Studio bags are made by hand in Los Angeles, CA. They source their materials and supplies from local family-owned manufacturers and businesses in Los Angeles. An eye toward minimal waste is key in the production of Are Studio goods. Every leather hide is unique with slight imperfections, making each bag a one-of-a-kind.

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