Ethically Sourced Clothing

How Can Ethically-Sourced Clothing & Slow Fashion Help Us All?

The fashion industry, its role in our lives, the lives of its makers, and our environment, has been a heated topic for years. Fortunately the movement towards a more thoughtful and aware supply chain has become more mainstream. Grass roots organizations, designers and even celebs are helping make people aware of the violations that fast fashion giants have made against our planet and its workers, and are offering a solution that doesn’t involve dressing in a recycled burlap sack. It is fortunate that today we have so many amazing options from Ethically-sourced clothing brands!

Our mission at Monochromatic is to work with small batch designers that embrace slow fashion, stocking garments that are made by humans treated like humans, with a focus on our planet. We believe that everybody deserves pieces made the right way without compromise to aesthetic. We stock clothing for every pronoun and every occasion.

Here is how slow fashion with ethical clothing come into play in our store.

Beyond Binary

The world is a big beautiful place with people belonging to every gender and race. We believe in the importance of embracing what makes each other unique, we believe in respect for the gender identity people choose, and the importance of listening to how we can better ourselves in the journey of understanding.

Keeping that vision in mind, we are committed to creating a shopping environment that embraces who you are. We have curated a store that stocks Unsex, Men’s and Women’s styles, but with care and attention to all the different body shapes that choose these styles.

Monochromatic Palette

Our store is comprised primarily of single color garments in every shade of the rainbow, with a few patterns here and there that were too fun to pass up.

We choose styles that transcend the seasons and time, pieces that become staples for decades. In an effort to add clothes to your closet that don’t require several other purchases, we have focused on silhouettes and single colored pieces, curating a collection of elevated garments that you can wear with your favorite zainy sweater, or perhaps with a neutral duster. Our goal is to offer you more options with less.

Buy Less & Use Well

Whenever we are referring to slow fashion with respect to ethically-sourced clothing pieces, our emphasis is on sustainability and longevity. Hence, the quality of each garment is looked after by the manufacturers, designers and of course by us!

We are believers that a few well made pieces designed with attention to detail, are endlessly better than a hundred pieces that fall apart or go out season each year.

Our goal is to stock garments that live on your body not in the dark corners of your closet. We encourage you to buy the things you need or can’t live without, and move away from our programming that more is better.

Designers who Care

When we bring in a new line we ask a lot of questions. Firstly, who makes your clothes? If a designer hasn’t been to the manufacturing facility or share our standards of production ie. fair wage, safe conditions, and a positive working environment, then we don’t place orders.

We work with primarily small independent designers, many women owned businesses, and all of these lovely humans are as passionate about doing things the right way as we are.

If you have questions we will find out the answer if we don’t already know!

Support To Social Causes Through Sales

Our mission is to have a store that gives back to the global and local communities. We know ethical clothing is helping to change the fashion industry and while we feel proud to be a part of that, we also recognize that there is work right here in our own communities.

In an effort to engage right here at home in Portland Oregon, we commit to supporting local organizations that are doing important work in making our city more equitable and inclusive place! A portion of every sale goes to IRCO and Latino Network. We hope to add more organizations to that list as our business grows.

Now you know how we do things and perhaps the motivation behind our choices is obvious:

To save the environment and climate, it is high time for the fashion industry to change the way it has been operating. To negate the harmful effects that clothes have in and on their way to the landfill. We believe in making changes where we can and this is an issue we feel passionate about tackling. We hope you will join us in embracing ethically-sourced clothing