Alysia Mazzella

Hand Dipped Beeswax Tapers - Tall


Hand dipped beeswax tapers are uplifting, energetic candles made for everyday use. Tapers used in a candlestick holder are functional sources of light, so you may turn off and tune in.

This set comes with two tall tapers, attached at the wick. Each taper fits standard-size holders. 9-hour burn time, per candle, approx.

Process: Using the traditional technique of hand dipping, this slow-made process involves repeatedly dipping cotton wicks into melted wax, gradually building up each candle, layer by layer. It may take as many as 30 dips to reach the desired width. 

Dimensions: 9.5” x 7/8”

Story: Made in Upstate NY with sustainably sourced New York beeswax.

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