Monochromatic works with wonderful designers that manufacture in ethical factories in the USA and around the world. We are proud to stock so many amazing brands that share our vision for an equitable planet.

Photo: Cutting and sewing for Rujuta Sheth



Kowtow: This amazing brand manufactures in ethical factories all over the world. They are not only focused on humane production, but also care deeply about the environmental impact of the clothing industry. Most of their garments are organic, and all are washed, and dyed free of toxic environmentally damaging chemicals.

Rujuta Sheth: Born in India, Rujuta Sheth grew up surrounded by artisans, weavers, beaders, and embroiderers.  When she launched her namesake line in 2014, she returned to these villages to tap the creativity and craftsmanship she knew so well. She continues to manufacture in India.

Aliya Wanek: Aliya Wanek works with one seamstress and cutter in Oakland, CA. She brings all her orders from the sewing studio to the dye house and sends them out to little shops like ours!

Esby Apparel: Esby Apparel is a niche fashion label out of Austin, TX. Founded by Stephanie Beard in 2014, they focus on simple designs from high quality all-natural fabrics. Sourced globally and produced locally in the US, every collection is thoughtfully designed to withstand the test of time. 

Ali Golden: Started as a one-women operation designed, produced and sold in Oakland, CA . Still designed in Oakland, Ali Golden's production now spans California, a woman-owned co-op in Peru, and a fair-trade certified factory in India. With growth, they insist on maintaining the highest possible standards of ethics and sustainability. The line is accessible and adaptable; the embodiment of the modern (and not too serious) lady's uniform.

First Rite: First Rite was launched in 2015 by designer Nikki Garcia out of San Francisco, CA. The focus of the collection is on simple shapes that create an ongoing series of interchangeable sets both within the same collection and from season to season so that the line can be thought of as one large collection of timeless pieces that can be worn throughout the year. The cut and sew collections are designed using high quality textiles from naturally derived fibers and all garments are produced in Los Angeles, CA. The sweaters are made by a woman owned and operated factory in Lima, Peru with yarns sourced from the communities that surround.

Maria StanleyMaria Stanley is an independent designer who embodies the essence of the romantic, feminine spirit. Featuring captivating textures and elegant silhouettes. As a passionate advocate for the slow fashion movement since her launch for Spring 2016, founder Stanley has mindfully chosen manufacturers that live by a strong social mission.The majority of the collection is made in Delhi India. Her manufacturer, who has become part of the family, takes great pride in empowering and supporting their workers. This includes salaries and benefits. The Knitwear produced in Lima Peru, is made in a facility with over 20 years of experience, is certified by the World Fair Trade Association and OHSAS 18001 (security and health in the workplace), and is dedicated to protecting the environment and supporting development within Peru.

Gravel & Gold:  Gravel & Gold is an independent, woman-owned design collective in San Francisco, California. Since 2008, they have supported one another and a broader community of artists to create joyful, useful items. They share business responsibilities, a studio, and meals, run workshops, and take care to express their common values through the work they create. Clothing is manufactured in San Francisco, CA 

Revisited Matters: Revisited is a Barcelona based womenswear label founded by fashion designer Adriana Sanz and industrial designer Joris Debo with the intention to create effortless pieces that transcend season and trend. The collection is made with natural materials, an easy One size fit and designed to last. By combining meticulous craftsmanship with modern ways of thinking they give an alternative to fast fashion. They are committed to sustainability and ethical manufacturing in Spain.

Micaela Greg: Micaela Greg's studio is located in Alameda, CA and is crucial to every step of the design and production process. All aspect of our process from initial sketching, gathering and creating swatches, experimenting with materials and colors finds its home in the studio. The majority of garments are made in the US, with select styles produced ethically in India.

L.F. MarkeyWith a focus on high quality manufacturing, innovative cuts, bold colours, and fine fabrics, L.F.Markey’s utilitarian foundation is elevated into elegant casual wear. They pride themselves on ethical and sustainable practices, prioritizing ethical manufacturing, fair working conditions and living wages, and slow, sustainable fashion. Each boutique-sized factory in Vietnam and China as well as their off-site units are meticulously and consistently monitored by our agents based out there. We also conduct regular visits to make sure all workers are paid good living wages and are working in happy and safe conditions.

La Paz: La Paz is a menswear label inspired by the Atlantic, its people and traditions. Their aim is to work in a straight relationship with some of the best local manufacturers, crossing their knowledge with a single approach to the design and the making of timeless and durable goods. Designed and made in Portugal.

House of St. ClairBased in Austin, TX, House of St. Clair is a high end menswear brand founded by its designer, Carson Monahan. Each item created is crafted in the USA with the utmost attention to detail using top-quality materials sourced in Japan, Italy, Portugal, and the UK. Season to season House of St. Clair delivers an au courant collection steeped in contemporary takes on classic silhouettes.

Raleigh Denim:  Raleigh Denim Workshop is an American enterprise / art project / romantic adventure started by Sarah Yarborough and Victor Lytvinenko. They began with the idea of making the perfect pair of jeans; The kind you can wear everyday (we do). They took a bunch of jeans apart to learn how to put them together; They lugged machines out of old factories and storage units; They sat at kitchen tables and stood in garages hearing from men and women who worked at facilities that no longer exist, and then they figured out how to make those old machines run again. Made and designed in North Carolina. 

Harvest and Mill: Harvest and Mill is thoughtful from seed to garment. They work with organic farms and US Mills to make their fabrics. Everything is sewn in Berkeley CA, before making its way to us.

Stan Ray: Stan Ray is brand born out of functionality and American craftsmanship.  They have been making work wear in Crocket Texas for decades. They now have a small outsourcing in Portugal where many of the items are made for their European stockists.

Naked and Famous: Made in Canada with Japanese Denim, this wonderful brand makes beautiful and hardy denim that stands the test of time.

Billy Reid: Billy Reid is manufactured in several countries around the world. We only carry products that they manufacture in the USA, Italy, Canada and Portugal.  We love their marriage of southern sensibility and fitted men’s styles.

Welcome Stranger: Designed and manufactured in San Francisco, Welcome Stranger first caught our eye with their 8oz tees. This was just the beginning, as everything that they design is a timeless staple!