Gravel and Gold

Mare Pants - Yuba Wash


A slimmer variation of Gravel & Gold's beloved Placer Pants, these jeans hit the sweet spot of flattering and comfortable. With a super-duper high waist that fits a range of bodies, these pants show off your waist while allowing room for curvier hips and butts. They’re tough enough for running errands and cute enough for an impromptu night out.

The narrower ankle makes them bike-friendly as well! 

Materials: 100% cotton denim, woven by the renowned Cone Denim mills. Its weight is 11oz per yard square, which makes for sturdy and forgiving denim pants.

Fit: Slim fit with a super high-rise. Please see last photo for size guide from Gravel & Gold.

Story: Cut and sewn at a renowned denim factory in downtown San Francisco, CA. 

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