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The Joy of Choosing Ethical Clothing with Online Boutique Stores like Monochromatic

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Ethical fashion is here to stay and not just because is it is creating a sustainable buzz in the fashion industry. This is a step towards offering consumers a choice that allows for values and ideals to be reflected on the outside. We have long used clothing as a way to express our individual identity, and the role we play in our planet's future and the lives of others is now another big part of the conversation. You like the way it  looks, but can you stand behind how it was made?

 Online boutique stores like Monochromatic offer a new platform for ethical shopping. While we love our physical store and the ability to interact with customers, we also love that small stores like ours with heart and vision can offer our products to a wider audience. We grew up in small towns and cities far away, and we know first hand how instrumental the online world has been to offer more choices to people all over the world. If you only have a mall in your town and crave to clothe yourself more thoughtfully, you can!

 Wearing ethical and vintage clothing bring us joy. It doesn’t require that we compromise our ideals to feel good in our bodies, in fact it makes us feel better in bodies knowing that what we wear is not causing harm to others. In a world of online shopping Online boutiques like ours offer an alternative to fast fashion.


  • High Quality & Eco-Friendly

At Monochromatic, quality is our first priority. Quality of conditions, quality of clothing, and certainly quality of design. We have aimed to create a store, both physical and virtual, that offers products we believe in. Clothing we love and feel good about sending out into the world.


  • Fair Priced Clothing

 We know that clothing sourced responsibly comes at a higher monetary price. But when you buy a shirt for $5 their is a cost embedded, it is the cost of someone's health, wellbeing, and that of our planet. We know not everyone can afford the price point of ethically produced clothing, but we do believe that those that can should think about what their dollar is paying for. At Monochromatic you are supporting a woman owned business that in turn supports other small businesses and makers. There is no mega billionaire CEO getting rich in this supply chain. Jut people supporting people.

 we don’t order our clothing in bulk. We are small batch, and that means we are not filling warehouses or landfills with styles that don’t sell. It also means that each piece is special and unique.


  • Your Indirect Contribution Towards The Society

 At Monochromatic, we believe that every person should have a voice that is is supported by its community. We want to be a part of the moment that will evolve the conditions of this society. Hence, a portion of the revenue we generate, is paid to charitable organizations.


  • An Online Boutique Store For Every Pronoun

We are educating and working hard to create a store that also feels like a safe place to self express. We carry men's clothing, women's clothing and unisex styles, but that terminolagy is limiting in and of itself.  What we want is for people to feel safe and encouraged to express themselves without judgement or preconceived notions around gender identity. We won’t put our shoulds on you, because we don’t have them. Let us help you celebrate who you are.

 Wearing ethical clothing from online boutique stores like Monochromatic will make you feel good about yourself because you can rest assured you are getting fair, high-quality, eco-friendly clothing that you can feel good in. Thanks for being here and supporting us.