Ethically Made Clothing

Why Choose Ethically Made Clothing?

ethically made clothing

Ethical clothing is a promise to humanity. When we choose to buy ethically made products we are choosing to support a supply chain that provides living wages to its workers. But ethical fashion has also come to mean much more; It is a movement that at its core requires thoughtful production practices that not only place value on the people making our clothes, but on the clothes themselves. Ethical fashion has become synonymous with the slow fashion movement. We step away from from disposability. We focus on garment quality and longevity. We aim to keep garments out of the landfill as long as possible. In essence

 We remember the days when sustainable and ethical clothing meant homemade or hippie chic attire, but no longer! Ethical garment production has found its way into all realms of the fashion world, offering versatile quality options in many different styles.

 Ethically-made clothing can be worn all the time. Just because it is made well, does not mean it is aesthetically compromised.


  • Dress it up

We believe that the key to a truly thoughtful wardrobe is to buy pieces that transcend time and occasion. We have curated a collection that is easy to elevate. With attention to fabric details and silhouette, a change in shoe, hair, or accessory easily transforms much of our attire from everyday to evening.

  • Dress it down

And if you are transitioning from a work event into a casual afternoon, it is just as easy to go the other way. We have chosen to stock predominantly single colored garments to allow for you to have a blank canvas on which to curate your own vibe. That canvas might be honey yellow, lavender, white or black, but it is a blank slate for you to play with. Add a patterned vintage jacket or throw on a pair of sneakers and it is easy to add a little bit of fun to something that a moment before was simple, sleek and elegant.

  • Take it on an adventure

Our ethically made clothing pieces have something else going for them, they are created by designers who are mindful. Designers who are deeply involved in the creation of their product, and a lot of times this translates to more awareness about fabric choice. Meaning fabric that feels good to wear, breathes and is meant to last. We believe in buying less better quality pieces, and that means having fewer garments that work more harmoniously with one another. If you are a wanderlust that enjoys the thrills of adventure without a huge suitcase, we are right there with you. That is why we stock pieces that have versatility are easily paired in different combinations, and offer you more with less.

 Stay home

Want some cozy loungewear or a sweater to wear as you sip your cocoa by the fire? We are all about it and it looks like so are our designers. We are excited to have so many amazing loungewear pieces that not only feel good, but drape beautifully. From sofa to studio and back again.

 We aren’t a broken record, we are your favorite song on repeat.  Ethically made clothing has the power to change the fashion industry for the better of all. We know for many it is hard to transition overnight, we know the price point is higher, we know it can feel scary and we aren’t asking you to leap all at once. We just hope that the next time you go to impulse buy 4 pairs of pants you ask yourself if maybe one amazing pair of pants that work with clothing you already have might be a better choice. Take your time, one thing of quality can feel 100 times better than a closet filled with stuff you bought on a whim.