Ethical Men Fashion Shops

Ethical Mens's Fashion Shop

Breaking down our norms; Ethical Men’s Fashion Shops

Trends leading people towards Ethical clothing and designers have predominantly hit the woman's market first, Why is this? 

It is possible that social media and the swing towards natural living have been wider spread in the female identifying demographic. And that with this lifestyle push, has come more exposure to sustainable and ethically focused brands. It may also be a visible example of the recorded gap between men and women in the recognition of climate change and its effect on our planet. Whatever the reason, we have seen a huge growth in thoughtful brands that cater to people wearing women's clothing, but that has meant that ethical options for people wearing men's clothing has some catching up to do. 

We live in a time where there is a lot of societal unpacking being done. We have a long way to go on all fronts, but people are beginning to be more aware of how our history and upbringing affects us, and this means that all activities, shopping included belong to everyone.

As the ethical fashion awakening continues, men’s options for fashion, shops available to them, and styles offered continue to expand. The tradition of American made workwear has become an inspiration to many other designers and offerings that transcend the traditional are becoming more predominant. So how do you make the transition?

When things are made the right way, with thought to those producing, designing, and the planet, we see an increase in price. It can be challenging to understand the justification for a more expensive Tee or pair of pants, but simply said, the difference between a $40 or $50 organic cotton tee made in the USA or in an ethical facility elsewhere actually costs the same as an $8 Tee from target, the difference is that the extra $32 is coming out of someone else's well being, their life span, and quality of life. There is no such thing as an $8 Tee shirt. That doesn’t mean that we need to spend $40 or $50 every time we buy a tee shirt, but it means that as often as you can you should buy things being made the right way, and supplement with vintage and thrift finds.

We are excited to see more ethical men’s fashion popping up at different small shops around the globe. We have met amazing designers of menswear working tirelessly to create ethical supply chains, and we see dialogue dissecting gender norms become more prevalent. We love the designers we work with and feel very excited to be part of this awakening :)