Ethical Fashion Shop

Which Ethical Fashion Shop Is for you?

ethical fashion shop

For starters if you are here good job! Every store that is trying to focus on ethical practices deserves your time. Next is trying to understand which shops source with your values, curate in a style that suits you, and has clothing that makes you feel empowered in your skin!

Our Mission is to continue to learn and grow, to make our process as transparent as possible and of course to continue to create a shop that feels good to us and all of you. So here is a bit about how we do things.

  • Our Values

At Monochromatic, we believe that is is essential to stock brands that believe in empowering the people who make their clothing. We believe in a transparent supply chain, and if we don’t know where something is coming from we won’t carry it here.

 We think about the brands in our shop on a sliding scale of badass! Our baseline is transparent production and fair conditions. That means that we know what country and where each of the articles of clothing come from. If we can’t vet a manufacturing facility we won’t buy the garment. Most of our designers way surpass this, they also focus on empowering women, work with collectives, and support traditional weaving practices. Some of our designers are all about local manufacturing and source from the US or manufacture in their very own studios. The most thoughtful work with natural dyes, only organic fabrics and think about a garment from seed to final product, committing to not only ethical production but to sustainable production.

We are excited to see that more designers and shops are starting to be mindful! We believe it is essential for this movement to grow so we can see the removal of the fashion industry as a main contributor to human rights violations and pollution.

  • The Designers

Every ethical fashion shop should be focused at its base on supporting brands that are doing the hard work to source and produce clothing responsibly.

We work with small batch designers from the US and overseas that have created supply chains they believe in. They visit facilities regularly, they know where their fabric is coming from and they are constantly making sure that quality of clothing and the quality of life for those who make their garments are set at the highest standards.

What we look for in our designers are their facilities working conditions,equitable pay, and their vision and mission to deliver ethical clothes while still focusing on design at the pinnacle.

  • The Spectrum Of Choices

We are passionate about creating a safe and inclusive space that allows for our customers to feel empowered in their person. We have a vision to curate a collection of garments that transcend the boundaries of work and play and live on in a person's wardrobe as a timeless staple. We believe that you should have a place to shop that encourages and helps you to feel beautiful in your body, not the body you think you should have. We have worked hard to curate styles that work for all shapes and try to be as size inclusive as we are able. We know we have room to grow and we are excited to continue to do so.

This palette of choices is at the core of our vision.  We wish to enhance the applicability of ethical and organically manufactured clothes by focusing on choices that speak to everyone.

  • The Community Support

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is an endlessly important element. We are a small shop, but we have a big desire to give back to society what we take from it. In other words, we donate to local organizations that support and empower our diverse community.

The current organizations  we work with include the Latino Network and IRCO- Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization.

 Let’s sum it up:

An ethical fashion shop is the best when it integrates ethics and values in every item. Choose stores like Monochromatic, where fashion meets creativity and everyday use organically.