Ethical Clothing Store

How to Create a Wardrobe by Choosing Outfits From an Ethical Clothing Store Near You?

ethical clothing store

Can we save Mother nature with our style? Sounds wacky and whimsical to many of you out there, but we can! A fact that has been proven over the years repeatedly. By selecting your wardrobe from an ethical clothing stores, straight from designers that source ethically and sustainably, and from second hand stores, we can reduce our environmental impact.

 How do you create an ethical wardrobe?

  1. Look in your closet
  2. Find the pieces that you reach for over and over again
  3. Ask yourself what do they have in common? What about the pieces you never wear?
  4. Take your most worn articles of clothing and build your wardrobe around them
  5. Find styles that compliment, figure out what you need that would go with everything or at least a large portion of your existing wardrobe!

 Don’t buy something if you need to buy other things to make it work!

 Building on a budget?

  1. If you are building on a budget start with a clothing swap. Get your friends together and bring pieces you don’t wear. Revamp for free!
  2. If you have a few holes check out your local thrift stores.
  3. If you are still in need of that perfect piece to round out your wardrobe, or you really need something of quality to replace a wardrobe staple, check out our sale section.
  4. If all else fails find your perfect item and just ask if a payment plan is possible! You would be surprised how flexible people can be when you ask
  5. Sell some of your old clothes to help build that piggy bank! Then buy that perfect thing at an ethical clothing store!

 Other things to keep in mind

It’s always good to choose simplicity, leaning towards clothes and accessories you can wear for multiple occasions and any season. It’s okay to lean towards one color pallet. The biggest mistake we can make is buying something because we think we should like it. Celebrate yourself by allowing yourself to like what you like!

Sometimes it can help to draw inspiration from brands that share our ethos. No harm in looking at what ethical clothing shops stock their lines to see how they have styled things. We are all unique and come up with great ideas, no harm in borrowing!